A mammogram is a special type of X-ray of the breasts. Mammograms can show tumors long before they are big enough for you or your health care provider to feel. They are recommended for women who have symptoms of breast cancer or who have a high risk of the disease. You and your health care provider should discuss when to start having mammograms and how often to get one.

Mammograms are quick and easy. You stand in front of a mammography machine. The person who takes the mammogram places your breast between two plastic plates. The plates press your breast and make it flat. This may be uncomfortable, but it helps get a clear picture. You will have a mammogram of each breast. A mammogram takes only a few seconds and it can help save your life.

Please do not wear powders, perfume or deodorant. Wearing a two-piece outfit will be more convenient for your exam.

Mercy Medical Center is committed to providing quality Mammograms. The technologists that perform these exams have advanced training in Mammography and are nationally registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

We are proud to say, our mammography equipment, radiologists and technologists are also accredited by the FDA. We have annual inspections on documentation, quality testing, interpretations, continuing education and positioning.

Ask questions

  1. If you are pregnant, tell the technologist performing your exam.
  2. Ask for a lead shield:
    • sometimes we are not able to provide one because it will obstruct the area we need to image

An advanced trained mammographer will be performing your mammogram. This is different from the Radiologist who will interpret the images.

Listed below are the types of mammograms we perform. Please visit Imaging Services Catalog for more information regarding preps and what to expect.

  • Screening Bilateral
  • Diagnostic with Ultrasound if indicated
  • Stereotactic Biopsy
  • Wire Localization